Fighting to make sure that ALL of Santa Fe's children have access to the BEST education possible


Floyd strongly believes in the importance of education, as well as the importance of parent and community involvement in our children's education.  Floyd has served on the Turquoise Trail Charter School Governance Council for more than 21 years.  TTCS is the oldest charter school in New Mexico as well as one of the most successful public schools in the state, and Floyd's leadership has contributed to that success.  The school's charter has been renewed 5 times, and Floyd has taken a leadership role in all 5 of the renewals.  In addition to working hard to ensure that TTCS continues to provide a safe and inovative learning environment, Floyd has actively worked to expand the success of the school.  In 2017 Floyd represented the school in asking the Public Education Commission to expand the number of Santa Fe's students that TTCS can serve from 490 to 840.